Decorating your new apartment is the reward you get for putting up with the hassles of moving. If you’re not confident as a decorator, however, setting up your new space can feel like further punishment. Check out the tips below to make your new apartment into the perfect home for you. 

Think About What You Need

We all need a place to sleep, a place to store our things, a table to eat and possibly work at, and a place to sit and relax. Please remember there’s no right or wrong way to put these necessary areas together. Your comfort comes first. 

Sleeping Area

If your apartment features a separate bedroom and you’re ready to buy a new bed, try and invest in a frame that’s fairly close to the floor. A tall bed will make the rest of the bedroom look and feel small. 

Whenever possible, don’t jam your bed into a corner. By placing the headboard against the wall and leaving a walking space around the bed, you can make the whole area look a lot roomier and have an easier time making the bed. 

Relaxation Area

A classic leather couch or chair will go with any throw rug or pillow you’d like to use. By investing in timeless pieces and changing out soft goods when you need a change, you can redecorate for very little in the future. 

If your new apartment has the feel of a big box, consider adding in area rug to your relaxation area. You can enjoy the feeling of a living room by defining that space around the rug. 

Eating Area

Don’t crowd your windows! Never put furniture up tight against windows. Instead, celebrate a sense of space by making it possible to pass by your windows as you move through your apartment. This furniture arrangement will also give you space to decorate with beautiful plants

Consider putting your dining table close to a natural light source, preferably with morning light. You can start your day with coffee and sunshine, then use the same space to get some work done as the day progresses. 

If natural light is limited in your new space, make sure you put some mirrors on the opposite wall from your dining room. This will bounce more light around your home and make the place feel bigger. 

What About Storage? Open Shelving Vs. Cabinetry

Properly organized open shelving, stacked with pretty bins or dishes, is gorgeous. Open shelves covered with a tangled mess of stuff is disruptive to the eye. Look for a happy medium. 

Put your covered cabinets to use. In these, stack the unsightly or just boring things you need to get through life. If you need the room, consider investing in a free-standing cabinet. Everything from extra toilet paper to holiday decorations can be tastefully stashed in this simply, sharp-looking cabinet. And you can paint it without making your landlord unhappy! 

In the living room and bedroom, books, plants and collectibles look great on open shelving. Wall-mounted shelving can be found both on-line and in many home stores. If your place is small, consider painting a small area in a rich, saturated color. On top of this section of wall, put up white wall-mounted shelves for your collectibles. This wall will draw the eye, make your collectibles look terrific and actually make your apartment look larger. If you can build this collection of stuff around a window, even better. 

Thoughts on Painting

Once you start painting, it will be hard to stop. On the long walls of your new space, check out one of the many shades of white. Choose an eggshell finish, paint the wall and leave it as bare as possible so the natural light can bounce off the paint finish. 

Art Doesn’t Have To Match Your Couch

If you like it, hang it up. Whether it’s an album cover or a gorgeous robe, your space deserves beautiful things. If you love looking at it, consider it art. 


Stay flexible. Invest in good pieces and fill in with what you love. Celebrate a pop of color. Try and keep some wall space blank. Enjoy your new apartment! Jump to top

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