The attitude towards cannabis is changing in different corners of the world as more and more people are becoming accepting of it. Because of that and the similarly changing laws regarding marijuana possession and usage, cannabis dispensaries are increasing in number. Overall, obtaining cannabis now is easier than it has ever been. However, not everyone who needs medical or recreational marijuana has the time or the capability to make a trip down to a dispensary to fill a subscription or make a purchase. Those who need marijuana for medicinal purposes, in particular, may have difficulty leaving home because of ailments or illnesses. Notably, even if people cannot make it to a dispensary, cannabis can still be obtained through mail delivery. That fact may surprise some people, and that’s why this article is going to clear up some important things regarding cannabis mail delivery.

Misconception 1: Cannabis Mail Delivery Is Illegal in the United States

Having marijuana delivered through the mail sounds like such a foreign and taboo concept that it has to be illegal in the U.S., right? Well, not exactly. Even in the United States, where laws regarding marijuana can vary significantly from one place to another, there are still places in the country where cannabis mail delivery is indeed legal. According to the Huffington Post, California, Nevada, and Oregon are states that currently allow for the delivery of cannabis. Now, it is worth pointing out that the services still do differ from state to state, but if you happen to live in one of those places and are considering having some cannabis delivered, you can rest assured that the transaction that will take place is entirely legal. It’s still unclear if other states will join that trio sometime in the near future, but that’s something you can keep an eye on.

Misconception 2: Cannabis Mail Delivery Is Done Haphazardly and Lacks Regulation

Arguably the biggest misconception remaining about cannabis is that it’s unsafe, so it would only be natural for some people to assume that delivering marijuana through the mail is not exactly done with the highest level of professionalism. That is far from being the case, however. If anything, the stigma that still accompanies marijuana has led to more rules and regulations being put in place concerning the delivery of that item. For example, that previously linked to Huffington Post article notes that marijuana home delivery can only be carried out in the state of Oregon under specific circumstances. Namely, the transaction must take place within a certain window of time, and it can only be brought to houses that reside in the same area where the retailer is licensed.

There’s even a limit imposed on how much marijuana a courier can bring on one trip. An article from Forbes adds that even the establishments run by the retailers themselves have to abide by certain guidelines even if they are just used for the delivery of cannabis. Some guidelines include having security cameras and commercial locks installed, and the couriers themselves have to be tracked. It takes a lot of resources to do cannabis mail delivery properly, so the retailers that invest in it will be best served to make sure that they do things properly or else their money will just go to waste.

Misconception 3: Cannabis Mail Delivery Is a Service Not Many People Use

This misconception obviously depends on the state you’re living in, because if cannabis delivery is not legal there, then there’s nothing to be confused about. However, in one of the states where delivering cannabis to homes is allowed, business is apparently booming for retailers. The aforementioned Forbes article points out that over 120 marijuana retailers in the state of California have received permits to carry out home deliveries. Many residents of the state have also procured their cannabis through the Eaze app, and the number of deliveries has already exceeded 500,000 for just this year. Granted, the cannabis delivery business is not as robust just yet in other states, but that could change in the future. Knowledge is power, and the more you understand about the burgeoning cannabis industry and its many facets, the better off you’ll be if the time ever comes for you to deal with it in the future. Cannabis mail delivery is just another of the somewhat confusing facets of the industry, but it’s definitely something you can get a handle on quickly if you just spend a bit of time studying it.

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